So, I wrote this a little while ago. I am well aware that we’re a day off of February but I still wanted to share this post with a couple of little goals for the coming year.

2019. The year I create more.


Realistically, it’s going to be a rough year. My last year of uni, still working part time, and now I have a lot of ambition to do more things.

I want to give myself more opportuntities, more reasons to create more. And less excuses to put it off. I want to try and put more effort into my photography and videography business, because after all that’s what I want to be pursuing.


I’m going to do more photos, more blogs, more videos, more scrapbooking. And amongst it all, hopefully more travelling.

Here comes #photoaday on Instagram.I’m also attempting to do a 1 second a day video for 2019. I just bought myself a g7x ii so that I don’t have an excuse for not wanting to lug around my big camera. 


In a few days I’ll be heading off to Sydney and Cairns for a little getaway and a greatly deserved break. More to follow but I’ll be getting my diving certificate (another thing to check off the bucket list!).

Now, let’s see where all this takes me!


Wedding Upmarket | August 2017

Last Saturday, the Perth Upmarket held their Wedding Upmarket at the Winthrop Hall at UWA. Although I'm not getting married (and nowhere near it either), I decided I'd go to take some photos. The amount of times I was asked if I was engaged was past funny and I almost got to the point where I was going to play along with them! But regardless, it was nice milling about, seeing couples who were ACTUALLY engaged plan their special day.

Not to mention everything was instagram worthy.

So here are a few of the snaps I took while I was there. ALSO, I've been using film lately which is super fun, even though I haven't actually developed anything yet. I'll definitely do a blogpost on that when I get around to developing. 

The Tribute Cafe


It's safe to say that I'm healthily obsessed with this place. 
The Tribute Cafe in Shelley opened up in late July, and in the span of less than 2 weeks I've already been four times. 

They have a reasonable amount of seating without making it too crowded. They've timed their opening perfectly as the weather is just clearing up, making it beautiful to sit outside. You can also bring your furry friends as there's a spot to tie up your pup outside and a water bowl too!

They have perfected the interior design and also mastered their menu and the food itself. It consists of the classics; eggs Benedict, buttermilk pancakes and smashed avo (because you can NEVER go wrong with smashed avo). You can't even call yourself a breakfast place in Perth without having a good smashed avo, and this place does it perfectly. Dukkah crusted feta and beetroot puree drizzled over the top? Yes please!

I'm also glad that they didn't skip the eggs Benedict because that is an all time favourite of mine (but for some reason lots of the "hipster" breakfast places don't serve it). I would gladly like to hear why because a perfectly poached egg is one way of starting an excellent day.

They also have various other dishes of their own like the Tribute Sarni and the Wagyu Brioche Burger, both of which look amazingly instagram worthy with their charcoal brioche buns. 


With not much else in the area as far as trendy café joints go, this place is bound to be bustling all Spring and Summer long. So make sure you check it out to see what the hype is all about! Also, you're bound to bump into someone you know on a busy Saturday morning seeing as Perth is so small. 

If you're going on a Saturday I'd recommend getting there nice and early, especially if the weather is nice. When I went on Saturday the queue was out the door and all the way to the street!

I also made a short youtube video if you want to see more of what The Tribute Cafe is really like. 


Quinninup and My New Mantra

This is a few months overdue, but I just finished an assignment for my PR unit, so I need to write for my own enjoyment for a little bit.

Mid June, I went down south with Coralie (down south is what Perth people say when they go anywhere in the South west region). It was the day after my last exam for the semester, my first semester at uni, so I definitely deserved a little break. Going down south is definitely one of the best parts of living in Perth. A few hours of driving and you can end up in the middle of a forrest or at a campsite right on the beach. I always tell friends who aren't from Perth that when they come, I'll take them on the best roadtrips.

But, why Quinninup? Or you may be asking, where the hell is Quinninup? Well I'll answer both those questions. It's about four hours south of Perth, and my Uncle and Aunt have a farm down there. It's quite a small farm as far as Australian farms go, but I have so many memories of going down there. It had been so many years since I last went, so it definitely was a bit emotional being back there.

If you weren't aware, I spent 7 years of my childhood in France. I used to say that I "grew up" in France, but you're not really grown up at the age of 9 (the age when I moved back to Perth). But having spent that much of my childhood in France, I can't help but feel like I missed out on a bit of extended family bonding. I'm not saying I'm not close with my relatives, but I sometimes wish I was closer.

I think it has something to do with becoming an adult. You start realising that time is slipping away, and that you're soon going to be one of those people that say "where has the time gone?". I'm not ready to be that person yet. I don't want time to get away from me and realise that there are things I've missed out on doing, on people to see.

So going down to the farm, seeing my Uncle, my Aunt, my cousin and his kids, was the most precious thing I could have ever wanted. What was suppose to be a little break from city life ended up being so heart warming and almost awakening. Not only do I want to make sure I remain close with my extended family, I want to get back in touch with family and old friends.

I was recently talking to a stranger, now a friend. I was telling said stranger about myself, I told him that I'm often eager to meet new people and reach out to ask them to get to know each other better, either just by chatting online or organising a little brunch date. I told him that I've made so many new friends at uni because I just go up to people and start a conversation. And he the way he put my personality was "fearless of rejection". Which is absolutely perfect. It's something I'm going to make my mantra, because life is too short live in fear. What have you got to lose anyway?

So I challenge you: when you're not sure whether to do something or not, or if you're scared or embarrassed. Whether it's asking that cute girl out, applying for a job thats way out of your league, or just sitting next to that person in class, ask yourself "what have I got to lose?".
(please don't answer with dignity because I will slap you).

Also, I made a little video from my time down there (drone footage included)...

Mauritius and Coralie

One of my favourite places in the entire world is Mauritius. It isn't easy for a place to get up there on my list. But if you've been to Mauritius you'll understand why. I'm sure that from seeing these photos you can understand why.

But it isn't only the beautiful beaches, pristine waters and the fact that everything is instagram-worthy. It's also because it's my best friend's home.

My best friend, Coralie, is from Mauritius. She moved to Perth when she was 9 but everything about Mauritius runs through her. You can still here it in the way she talks, her mannerisms, the things she does and most of all, everything about her when she thinks about, talks about or is in Mauritius.

I've had the chance to be with her twice in Mauritius. Once in January 2015, when I stayed with her family and had the most amazing few weeks with her. And once again, recently, in April 2017. Now the main reason I went over last month was for her sister's, Valentine's, wedding. Let me just say it was absolutely beautiful. It's the first wedding I've been to as an adult and will definitely be one I remember forever. It wasn't a beach wedding, which is what you might expect for a tropical island. It was at a beautiful place called Domaine de L'etoile. It was everything I had imagined and more. Of course someone like Val would have all the essentials and of course all the cute ideas you see on pinterest (a polaroid for people to use, cute wedding signs and a sparkler aisle for the bride and groom to walk down during the reception, and so much more).

The other day was that an amazing day, if not, THE MOST AMAZING DAY EVER, was when we hiked up the Lion Mountain. Now, I've done hikes, but I've never done a rock climb up a mountain. It was so intense that at times I thought we were gonna lose someone on our expedition (and I don't mean by getting lost). However, I'm a little bit on an adrenaline junkie, so I enjoyed the slipping and sliding and monkey climbing. Not to mention that the view from our highest point was breath taking. Absolutely phenomenal. Again, something I'll never forget.

Also, have I mentioned how happy I was that I bought my drone? I was so hesitant to buy it, and so anxious after I had bought it that I'd crash it, or I wouldn't use it enough for the amount I paid for it. But in this trip alone, it has made it all worth it. The drone photos and footage is amazing. And definitely captures the beauty of Mauritius in a grander way than just a photo, and that's saying something.

But, not only was the wedding amazing and the walk was crazy unforgettable, I'll also never forget what it is like to see and be with Coralie in Mauritius. I don't even know how to explain it. Her happiness and carefree-ness just radiates off of her. Especially after hearing about her excitement for months before and listening to her reminisce about her wonderful childhood, I feel so honoured to be with her in the place that will always be her home.

Little Olive Leaf Cafe


Here's a recommendation for a little café in Perth! It's called Little Olive Leaf Café, over on Archibald Street in Willagee. There isn't much there but it's definitely worth going to just to experience the cute and extremely aesthetically pleasing café. Although it appears quite small at the front, there are tables through to the back (I didn't manage to get any photos of it), with trees, plants and vines. It's cozy yet sophisticated at the same time.

I decided to go here after contacting a primary school friend. We were considering going to one of the Coffee Clubs but decided to go for something a little different instead of your average café (where the only thing I ever order is eggs florentine).

At the Little Olive Leaf Café there are the classic staples such as tomato and cheese croissants, banana (and coconut) bread, or granola bowls. But there are also things that are a little different. From breakfast wraps to lasagnas and chickpea patties, there are plenty of vegan options as well! My friend, Lauren, and I both ended up ordering the same thing. We got the Mexican beans with poached egg and toast. It was absolutely DELICIOUS. I would definitely go back here just to order this again. To top it off, it wasn't very expensive either! Definitely cheaper than most of the breakfasts you get from chain cafés.

It is such a beautiful little café, I could not recommend it enough. Support local businesses and try them! They have hit the nail on the head with their interior design and choice of food and drink!

Here are a few pictures I snapped from today. Also, is a link to their Instagram where you can check them out.

(Side note: don't forget to check out my instagram as well! )


Overnight Oats Breakfast Bowl

I know I am VERY behind on this band wagon, but I finally decided to give overnight oats a try. In the past I either just heat up my oats in the morning, or I just don't eat them at all. But over the past few months I've been trying to eat healthier, more fruit and veg, and so I decided that I'd try oats with a bunch of fruit in it. I put equal amounts of oats to almond milk (but you can replace this with anything you want), and then added a dash more milk (because I usually like my soaked oats a little more runny). I don't know about you, but I find oats a little 'bland'. And I know this takes a little bit away from the 'healthy-ness' of the oats, but I decided to put a liiitttlee bit of hot chocolate powder into my bowl. I think you would also be able to use cocoa powder or something a little healthier. This added just a little bit more flavour to my otherwise boring oats.

The next morning, my oats were perfect! I added a bit of granola to add an extra crunch, before arranging my beautiful fruits over the top (only for this picture though, in general they would be smacked on there before being eaten in seconds). The granola I used had strawberry and chocolate chips, which probably isn't that healthy but if it's just a bit it can't hurt. I also added some walnuts and Brazil nuts (those are my favourites).


It turned out so well and was SO delicious. The chocolate powder added just the right amount of sweetness to the oats.


How To Be A Morning Person


Once upon a time, I considered myself a morning person. Growing up, all through highschool, I never needed an alarm clock. I would wake up at 7 every morning and jump straight out of bed. However, over the last year, my "morning game" has dropped. Taking a gap year was excellent while I was working and travelling. But over the 12 months there were weeks where I didn't have much planned, or where my shifts were in the afternoon, or that I was staying up late repeatedly. This all lead to my beautiful body clock to not be so fantastic anymore.

Being a morning person is the foundation of being productive and I believe also a necessity to being a fully functional 'adult' (whatever that definition may be). Being a morning person doesn't mean going for a run at 6am, it also doesn't mean having to go to bed by 9pm every night. It simply means feeling awake and rejuvenated after waking up.

So, to all those who want to be morning people, here are my tips for being a morning person:

1. Go to sleep at a reasonable time

This is pretty self explanatory. Sleep early, rise early. Now, I don't go to bed at an unrealistic time, but this is also dependent on how well you sleep. When I sleep, I sleep like a log. I don't go to bed after midnight unless its on an occasion when I am going out. I know, it's hard not getting sucked into netflix, or the endless youtube videos, but when you start feeling tired, GO TO SLEEP!


2. Switch off

I know people have said this since the dawn of sleep issues when technology is present. But sitting on your phone or laptop and telling yourself "when I get tired I'll go to sleep" isn't helping you. While you've got a screen in front of you, stimulating your brain, you're not going to feel sleepy. Most phones and laptops now have applications to dim out the blue light from your phone, now that is effective to a certain point. But it's not just the light that stimulates your brain, it's expecting that next message, or commenting on that next photo that's keeping you up.

So before you go to bed, turn your phone upside down, put it on the other side of the room, and try to sleep.

3. Set that alarm clock

You can't expect your body clock to work as soon as you have an early night. If you hate that dreaded sound of your phone in the morning telling you to get your butt out of bed, change the alarm to something soothing. Choose a song that eases into it. Also, turn off the snooze button.


4. Look forward to something

I know it can be difficult to always have something on or have something to look forward to everyday. But if you're reading this post, it surely means you're wanting to change something in your life. You're wanting to wake up early so you can be more productive, or happier, or healthier. Having something positive in everyday that makes you excited is at the core of all of those things.It doesn't mean it's a big thing, a party or sky diving. It's as simple as your favourite flavour of tea, or a phone routine phone call to your grandma, a morning bath, seeing your dog in the morning or seeing the sun when you open your blinds.

Choose something that every morning you rejoice and embrace. And every morning, really absorb that feeling, and make it the first thing you do to get you out of bed.

5. Stick to it

Maybe you went on a night out? Maybe you pulled an all nighter to get your assignment done? Is your body clock completely out of whack now? No it's not. Take a day or a couple of days to recover and get back to it. If you want to feel alive and rejuvenated every morning, you're going to have to stick to your plan.

Now, go get some sleep.


My Dream Job and Holding Me Accountable

Life update: I've started uni. I'm studying commerce and am going to major in PR and marketing. But you know what? I have this niggling voice in the back of my head. It repeats "what are you working towards?" "what do you WANT to do?". And I'm constantly answering: I DON'T KNOW!

But that's not true. I do know. I know that the ultimate goal is to open my own business. Whether it be a photography business, a coffee shop or whatever, that is my ultimate life goal. But I'm not in a rush. First, I want to experience working as a photographer for a company, or a social media manager for a company, or as a writer. and I KNOW, getting my bachelors degree will help me get there.

I'm writing this post to remind myself WHY I'm here, and WHY I'm studying and WHAT my goals are. My goals are to pursue my passions is a professional way, and the best way (for me) to get there is with the help of a degree.

I understand that for some people degrees are unnecessary, and I believe this more so if you're studying art subjects. You can teach yourself so much over the internet. But for me, personally, I want to have this commerce degree.

And I know that having a degree doesn't mean I'll be handed a job as soon as I'm done, I know it still going to take work and dedication. But I'm already working towards it. I'm volunteering with social media clubs and companies, I'm applying at jobs that are more in my field of interest. It all starts NOW! I'm already making steps to increase my social media following in an attempt to kickstart a photography company.

It's all a step by step process. And right now, a big step for me is University.

So, this post is to holding myself accountable. Don't forget your dreams, don't forget what you're working towards and remember to seize every opportunity you possibly can.

Hello 2017

So it is a little overdue for a 2017 post but here it is regardless... Although 2016 may not have been an excellent year for the world, there were many unexpected downs and issues that shook the world, personally 2016 wasn't too bad.

I started my gap year, I worked 4 jobs for 6 months before travelling solo the Europe (the greatest decision of my life)! It had been 10 years since I moved back to Perth from France and 8 years since I had been back for a visit. It had been something I was looking forward to years, and this year my dream finally came true.

I did a 2 and a half week Contiki, making some of the most amazing friendships and unforgettable memories. I then stayed in Paris, Brighton, London, Wales, the French Riviera and ended my trip back in the French town that I grew up in, Grenoble.

It was the most amazing few months, and I made solid friendships with fantastic people all around Europe and I know I'll be back soon. On the 10th of December I then departed on my 7 week USA trip with my family (where I am writing this now). It has been such an overwhelming trip to be honest. We've done Miami, Washington D.C., New York City, skiing up in Vermont and there is still San Francisco and Los Angeles to come! I've fallen in love with these cold snowy cities and been showered with "oh you're from Australia? G'DAY MATE!".

After travelling so much this year, I know that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life. Travelling, meeting new people and experiencing something new is what fulfils me. However, on the other hand, I truly believe having a home base is important. And for me, that home base will always be Perth, my lovely, beautiful Perth.

This isn't turning out to be much of a 2017 post is it? Okay, let's look at the future.

2017, I'm starting uni, I just ordered my DJI Mavic Pro, and I'm in the process of organising countless roadtrips and overseas trips. I'm planning on making more content, more youtube videos, and pursuing photography more (gigs already in the works), I've already started designing my business cards! There's so much to come and I couldn't be more excited for 2017.

I want to end this post asking you guys, what are you most excited for 2017? Or, what is a dream for you in 2017? I would love to hear what other people's ambitions and dreams are!

Scrapbook of My Europe Trip

img_6757 After being back for a month, my regular routine resumed, already bored of the day in day out working life, I decided to finally put together all the little souvenirs from my Europe trip. Over the course of the 2 and a half months that I was travelling, I did my best to keep and collect train tickets, restaurant receipts, business cards and brochures from places I had been to. Rather than scrapbooking on the road (and making a huge effort to be neat and artistic), while I was travelling I wrote daily journal entries, knowing that I would transfer it into a scrapbook. However the thoughts I wrote down were sometimes rather personal and I decided only include bits and pieces that I was happy to share in this scrapbook.



I can only imagine this will be something I pull out in future years, perhaps showing it to my future kids, reminiscent of my gap year, my first trip alone, my magnificent adventure.



I believe that capturing your adventures in a creative way such as scrapbooking or in video form makes the  trip more memorable and more magical to look back upon. I can only dread the times when I will no longer remember my trip as vividly as I do now, and no longer feel the longing pang of wanting to be back, like waking from a good dream.



Although it's difficult to be back, I just try to remind myself of what I felt while I was there, and that I will feel like that again. Over the course of my trip I realised how much I love Perth, but also that I will continue travelling for the rest of my life. The feeling of discovering something new, or embracing being helplessly lost, are feelings you can only know after travelling to an unknown place.

The highlight of my trip was definitely fantastic new friends (shoutout to Lydia) and I can't recommend enough travelling solo to any young person. You learn so much about yourself and you are constantly forced to put yourself out there more.



Don't forget to check out my youtube channel, I posted videos from my trip as well! https://youtube.com/user/raandomrach/

Kalamunda's Zig Zag Scenic Drive

It's already October and the weather is still raining and cloudy and not spring-like at all. So, when there was a glimpse of sun through all the dull weather, Coralie and I decided another sunset mission was long due. With our list of potential locations (all of which will be revealed throughout the duration of Summer), we decided to make the drive up to Kalamunda's Zig Zag Scenic Drive, or Zig Zags. img_6591-2

Most of the time we were sitting in the car because it was FREEZING! But we were both able to get some good shots of the sun setting right behind the city.




I hope you all liked these photos and I hope you're looking forward to Summer as much as I am! xx

Le Marais

I'd been wanting to visit this area of Paris for a while, and was getting to the point where I thought I wouldn't have time to. But after making the train journey to the catacombs of Paris and being shocked by the queue to get in, I decided today was the day for Le Marais.



Le Marais is maybe the most diverse area of Paris. Here you'll find the gay community, it's the Jewish quarter and has a lot of the Asian community here. There are plenty of museums as well as my favourite park of Paris.


Step one was to fill myself up with lunch. And of course, that had to be done with a falafel. Le Marais is known for the falafels. That was one reason why I was pointed in this direction by other blogs. "L'as Du Fallafel" claims to have THE BEST FALLAFEL IN THE WORLD. I made my way over to there and, for the second time that day, was shocked by the queue. The fellow bloggers told me this was the place to be. But my grumbling belly told me otherwise.

Instead of queuing with the other delicious-Fallafel-seeking tourists. I decided to wander a little further down the road. It may not be the falafel place everyone raves about, but it was still a damn good falafel.



I wandered further along. Making my way to Place the Vosgue park. The afternoon started of sunny and warm and I laid on the grass but the forecast proved right as the clouds rolled in and the rain began. All the park-goers left their no-longer-sunny spots on the grass (might I add, one of the only parks in Paris where you're allowed to go on the grass).


But no matter how cold it is, or how full you are, there is always room for icecream.


Le Marais has proven to be my favourite part of Paris. If I were to ever move to this city, the diverse Marais would definitely be my place to be.


Europe Trip 2016 Thus Far

Although I told myself I would have time to write blog posts and edit youtube videos, it doesn't really come as a surprise that I have not had much time for either of those things. Between travelling on busses or trains and galavanting around cities I haven't even had much time for myself. Honestly, I haven't given myself much time to soak in my experience and the fact that I'm living the life I've only dreamt about for the last 10 years. Writing this now I'm realising how sad that is, and even how stressed I've been feeling these past few weeks, when in fact I should be enjoying every second of everyday. I miss my family. I miss my friends. It's difficult being predominantly on your own when you're so used to being surrounded by loved ones. But I'm learning things about myself on this trip that surprise me so much that I might even be in denial of some of them (I shall tell you about these discoveries post-trip, as I'm sure there are more things to learn).

Already I have broken a wheel on my suitcase (day 1 after my contiki) and converted to backpack. So now I'm OFFICIALLY a backpacker. And not a luxury suitcase-traveller. I have yet to travel with the backpack yet so we shall see if broken wheel becomes broken back.

The best part about my trip so far definitely has to be seeing snow again and having the opportunity to ski. I teared up a little bit at that unique, distinctive feeling of snow beneath your feet as it compacts down. Second best would 100% speaking french again. Speaking it everyday in my daily life here in Paris has lead me to feel like I'm forgetting my english!

Anyway, enough babbling about myself, here is what you all want: the photos.























Don't forget to check back in soon as I'll try and make more of an effort to post on here from now on.



Chocolate Brownie Cookies

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Over the last week I have made these cookies three times, and three times I have received compliments and requests for the recipe. I got the recipe online, but I altered it to suit my liking and more importantly, what I had in my pantry.

I have always been a love of soft, chewy cookies. If you have ever had a subway cookie, those are the best kind. The perfect texture to hold its shape as you lift it to you mouth but soft enough to melt once you bite down on it. Often I would just resort to undercooking batches of cookies and quickly scoffing them down while they're still warm. But NO MORE! This recipe creates the perfect chocolate cookie (if you, like me, enjoy them nice and soft). So here it is:


  • 1 cup butter, softened
  • 2 cups white sugar
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 teaspoon of Almond extract
  • 2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 3/4 cup cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon bicarb soda
  • 1 cup(ish) chocolate chipsDSC03794-2


  1. Preheat your often to 175º C (fan forced).
  2. In a large bowl, cream together butter and sugar.
  3. Mix in one egg at a time until smooth.
  4. Then stir in vanilla and almond extract.
  5. Combine flour, cocoa powder, bicarb soda in a bowl and then add this to the mixture. Stir until you think it's time to use your hands.
  6. Add chocolate chips. Mixture should be thick.
  7. Place un-flattened spoonfuls onto greased baking tray. Bake for 10-15 minutes. Let cool completely.

And there you have it! Chewy, chocolate brownie-like cookies! Enjoy!



Little Olive Leaf Café

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset After buying all the essentials from the pharmacy for my trip away, I drove past this little café. Hidden over in the suburbs of Wilagee, I had never seen this café before. I was pleasantly delighted to see the range of foods and drinks they had and the quaint beauty of it. There aren't many seats but it wasn't busy; the perfect time to sit down and have a little something by yourself.

I will definitely go again with the company of someone else to enjoy the lunch meals. They have a range of classic breakfasts ranging from plain croissants to eggs florentine. But as you can see in the image, they also have quiches, curries, pastas and shepherds pies. I'm looking forward to trying those beauties :)

The seating area is lined with mismatched cushions and chairs. Perfect for a lounge, anytime of the day. Let me know if you've been to this café or if you plan on going! Would love to see what you order.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I can honestly say that this pressed juice (although not freshly pressed at the café) was THE BEST juice I have ever had. Man, I'm really discovering some "best" things on this blog (check THE BEST banana bread ever).

Open invitation to anyone reading this if they want to come with me to this café next time ;)


Location: 7 Archibald St, Willagee WA 6156

Opening Hours: 7am-4pm Tuesday to Friday, 8am-2.30pm Saturday & Sunday, Closed Mondays.

Bus Stop Café

DSC03477-Edit-2 If you think many of my posts are beach themed, you'd be right. Between Leighton beach and Cottesloe stands Mosman Beach. A beach populated mostly by dogs and dog owners. However, humans without dogs might come to such a location to check out the Bus Stop Café located along the street.


This cute little vibrant café is actually a bus. They serve coffee, smoothies, breakfast meals but best of all BANANA BREAD. 

I've never particularly been a fan of banana bread. But after Coralie ordered the banana bread here and I took a bite, I instantly fell in love. This is THE BEST banana bread I have  ever had. Make sure you take a seat on the bus to eat your banana bread while it's warm and toasty.




Let me know if you've ever been here, if you go here and what you order because there are A LOT of amazing looking things on this menu :)

A Day in North Cottesloe

DSC03429 copy-2  

If you guys didn't know, I am OBSESSED with pinterest. Not saying I'm late to the train or anything because I have been obsessed for a very long time, and I don't think that's going to stop anytime soon. If any of you live in Perth, I would suggest following my "Places to Eat in Perth" board. I often update it with screenshots of instagram locations.

Coralie and I started our Tuesday by going for a drive down to Cottesloe/North Cottesloe where we found Daisies Cottesloe. A cute little café/brunch spot. With indoor and outdoor tables and a short walk to the beach we ordered our coffees and went for a stroll up the road.

When going to the beach, the most common beach to go to is Cottesloe Beach. With cafés, fish and chip shops and the iconic Indiana overlooking the ocean, its no wonder why it's always busy. However, after seeing this North Cottesloe beach on such a beautiful day, I think I'll be driving that little extra distance to go to the beach more often than not. The beach was mostly empty and the water was crystal clear.

Coralie and I both regretted not wearing swim wear, but that didn't stop us from getting in the water.