Bus Stop Café

DSC03477-Edit-2 If you think many of my posts are beach themed, you'd be right. Between Leighton beach and Cottesloe stands Mosman Beach. A beach populated mostly by dogs and dog owners. However, humans without dogs might come to such a location to check out the Bus Stop Café located along the street.


This cute little vibrant café is actually a bus. They serve coffee, smoothies, breakfast meals but best of all BANANA BREAD. 

I've never particularly been a fan of banana bread. But after Coralie ordered the banana bread here and I took a bite, I instantly fell in love. This is THE BEST banana bread I have  ever had. Make sure you take a seat on the bus to eat your banana bread while it's warm and toasty.




Let me know if you've ever been here, if you go here and what you order because there are A LOT of amazing looking things on this menu :)

A Day in North Cottesloe

DSC03429 copy-2  

If you guys didn't know, I am OBSESSED with pinterest. Not saying I'm late to the train or anything because I have been obsessed for a very long time, and I don't think that's going to stop anytime soon. If any of you live in Perth, I would suggest following my "Places to Eat in Perth" board. I often update it with screenshots of instagram locations.

Coralie and I started our Tuesday by going for a drive down to Cottesloe/North Cottesloe where we found Daisies Cottesloe. A cute little café/brunch spot. With indoor and outdoor tables and a short walk to the beach we ordered our coffees and went for a stroll up the road.

When going to the beach, the most common beach to go to is Cottesloe Beach. With cafés, fish and chip shops and the iconic Indiana overlooking the ocean, its no wonder why it's always busy. However, after seeing this North Cottesloe beach on such a beautiful day, I think I'll be driving that little extra distance to go to the beach more often than not. The beach was mostly empty and the water was crystal clear.

Coralie and I both regretted not wearing swim wear, but that didn't stop us from getting in the water.



The Little Blue House

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DSC_0027 copy


If only it was a sunny day when we decided to go out to take these, but I guess the lighting wouldn't have been so fantastic if it was glary. Credits to Coralie for taking these photos.


Jacket $25 from the Op Shop (Unbranded); Cropped Top $10, City Beach; White High-Waisted Jeans $29, Factorie; Boots $30, Cotton on.

Goodness Me Box - February Issue

Health-food subscriptions boxes are all the rage. With countless different options it's difficult to choose just one. After doing some research on the Australian options, I decided on the "Goodness Me" subscription box. Buying individual boxes costs $25 per month and you usually receive them near the middle of the month. IMG_6045

You get sent between 5 and 10 items every month and you can review each product to earn points towards an extra item. They like to support business big and small, mainly organic and sustainable products. I was pretty happy with the first box I received. Boxes do vary from person to person, and personally I'm sad I missed out on the gluten free penne pasta. Amongst the goodies you get several vouchers and recipes which use the products. Using the coconut flour, this week's recipe is a Choc Walnut Brownie with Salted Caramel Whip recipe. I will do a blogpost of these when I make them! I am looking forward to the salted caramel part of that recipe :)


Other products from this month's box include Higher Living Teas, Nutrition Warrior Super Protein Blend (Spice), two samples of Naked's protein bars, a packet of Tigernuts and a can of 100% pure coconut water from Meho.

One of the most exciting parts of the box is actually receiving it and the fact that it is packed in a nice, instagram-worthy box. An excellent thing about Goodness Me, is that a lot of the products come in small, sample-sizes; meaning that if you don't a product, you're not wasting too much. At $25 you definitely get the bang for your buck, seeing as most organic/health foods are ridiculously over-priced at health food stores.

Thus far, I'd highly recommend giving the Goodness Me box a whirl. Let me know what you think in the comments!



If you didn't know, YouTube is a video-sharing website. It has grown bigger and bigger the last few years and thousands of people can now use their audience/fame to make a living. There are 300 minutes of video uploaded every minute and over 80% of young people watch youtube videos. Youtube is obviously, only just beginning to take over the world.

I've been pretty discreet about the fact that I have a YouTube channel. But I guess be truth is now that I've graduated from high school, I can be more selective about who I surround myself with. High school was difficult for me and I'm so glad I got out of there in one piece (more or less, haha) but at the same time high school taught me so many things about the world and myself that I would have never learnt had I never gone through the experiences that I had. I've come out of high school and stronger, more mature person. I appreciate myself, my skills and my flaws more than ever, knowing to find comfort in loneliness. I've learnt that other people aren't always what you expect them to be, no matter how well you may know them. But most of all, I learnt that you can't please everybody, but you can try to make yourself happy.

My aim is not to make money from videos, nor become famous. I simply enjoy filming and editing videos. Furthermore, I adore the community and believe it's an excellent way to make friends near and far.

For the past couple of years that I've been making videos, I've been embarrassed to tell people about said channel. Although YouTube is so present in society, it's still "weird" to sit in your room and talk to a camera (let alone because I don't really have a massive audience watching me). So, I have only told my close friends about my hobby. And even so, some of my friends have given me the weird look or simply questioned why I do it: "The chances that you'll get famous are very, very low".

My biggest fear was that people at school would find my channel, especially people who didn't really know me. That people would make fun of me and think I'm a weirdo (truth be told I am a weirdo).

Fortunately, that never happened. And thankfully, I have graduated from high school! No more do I have to hide my YouTube channel. I know, I know; out in the real world, people might still giggle at the fact that I talk to myself. But now, I can find and make friends with people who do the same! Already, I've made some friends within Perth and around the world who are just as lovely as I thought they would be. And now, not only is filming and editing my hobby, it is also becoming my craft :)

So, if you feel like wasting a couple of minutes of your life, go check out my youtube channel. Or watch this video from my 18th birthday:


Busselton (Leavers 2k15)

If you asked me a few months ago whether I was going on leavers (schoolies) or not, I would've said no way. But with two weeks until the leavers parties, and everybody raving about it, Elyse booked accomodation. At first I was iffy about the whole ordeal because of what I had heard about leavers, but it ended up being so much fun (other than the fact that I feel like I'm suffering from swine flu now that I'm home). I thought I'd share a few photos I took over the time I was there.


Enjoy December x

Living In The Moment

If you haven't been living under a rock, sheltering you from the viral trends of social media, you would know that the "new thing" always has to do with spring cleans, starting fresh and living in the moment. If I got a dollar every time I saw an instagram post captioned "living in the moment", I would be rich. But is there anything at all that's "living in the moment" which requires you to stop, take a picture, and post it to social media? Living in the moment is about not worrying about what anyone else thinks, not stopping for anything and just LIVING IN THE MOMENT. What is more self explanatory than that?

Social media has begun to take over the world. No matter where you go, you'll see people on their phones, texting, taking pictures, sharing their lives in an instant.


But there is a movement. A movement towards a better future? A less 'virtually-connected' and more physically-connected future. Take Essena Oneill. She may have been titled social media 'queen', or instagram 'goddess'. But after years of "having it all" she has decided to quit social media. She's keeping her blog (http://www.letsbegamechangers.com/ an amazing blog about her thoughts and her journey). She changed all the captions on her instagram photos, to satirical or serious captions to do with the fake-ness of the posed/edited photos. They're interesting reads, especially for you're usually someone who admires the perfectly staged bikini shots of instagram models. Essena Oneill's new outlook and new life has influenced the lives of many. She made a video directed at her 12 year old self, or anyone who is 12 and felt like she did, convincing her that having "everything" is not what it perked up to be. That she and people around her who would've been known as 'famous' or 'having it all' were deeply depressed, whether it was conscious or subconscious. Her video is deeply moving and makes you feel guilty for watching the video in the first place. She urges people to leave their house and go do something they love, without having to meet people over social media.

The new social media app, Snapchat, is an ever-present thing in lots of people's lives. The ability to take a 'cheeky snap' and send it to your friends in seconds is appealing. Maybe it's goal was to be quick so people COULD live in the moment. But I think that with the volume that people post snapchats at, there can't be anyway that they are truly living in the moment.

I am torn in this controversial subject. On one hand I completely agree with Essena Oneill and anyone else who is part of this 'social media-less' movement. I believe that living in the moment is one of the greatest things you can do. Why do you need to have a physical copy of the memory when you might remember it 100 times better if your just LIVE it? And why would you need to post what you're doing to facebook, twitter, snapchat AND instagram, are you seeking the validation of others? Because newsflash, the validation of others means nothing. All you need is to believe in yourself, the amount of likes or followers you have doesn't show your value.


However, on the other hand. I adore photography. It's one of my many passions (if you can't tell by this blog). I have an expensive, BEAUTIFUL, camera. One of my most prized possessions (I know, materialistic). I love taking, editing and producing beautiful pictures. It would be a dream for it to become a career. But such a love prevents one of living in the moment. If there is an absolutely beautiful shot I can visualise, I will take it. Does that prevent me from fully living in the moment? Yes. However, I think there is a slight difference between this and social media. I'm not one to share the snap instantly, or post it seeking other people's validation. If I have created something beautiful, sure I will share it, but I will also be proud of it on my own accord.

Furthermore, I like to share somethings. I grew up in France, which means lots of my friends live far away from me. Keeping them updated through facebook is fascinating to me. So that when I go to visit them in the future, there are conversation topics and maybe they haven't completely missed out on who I am as a teenager.


But, with summer coming, I'm going to take a page from Essena Oneill's book. I'm going to do my best to clear out my need for social media. It's going to be my first summer having my drivers licence (yay!) and first summer when I don't have school, or anything, to have to go back to after (yay for gap years!). Even for the coming year, I said I will post my adventures on this blog. So maybe I'll make that my only outlet? (I mean, if I'm sharing everything everywhere else, why would anyone read this? Mwahaha, marketting strategies)

Edit: Dodie, another youtuber (whom I love), posted a response video. I completely agree with everything she says. It's so perfect and makes perfect sense.

Regardless if you are even remotely agreeing with me or not, I hope you have a nice day without too much social media :*


What It Feels Like To Be Graduated

As of Tuesday night, I am officially graduated from highschool. Although I've been looking forward to this moment for a really long time (probably around 5 years to be exact), it's an odd feeling. Not having to wake up early everyday, not knowing what's right around the corner. It's not only liberating, it's also daunting. For the past 12 years I've always known what's happening next week, or the exact things I need to study for the next test. And now, for the first in forever, I don't know who I'm going to be sitting next to at exactly 11:20am everyday. IMG_5320edit

I still have my final exams to complete over the next few weeks, but after that, it's all over. I cannot wait for the holidays. I have an endless list of things I want to do. Most of you know I am taking a gap year (the reason why I started this blog) which means for the next year, I am going to be documenting everything. Documenting through photo and video. I'm excited to be posting blog posts and youtube videos of my adventures for you all to enjoy. In no less then 17 days, I'm going to be done with study and the adventures will begin.