How To Be A Morning Person


Once upon a time, I considered myself a morning person. Growing up, all through highschool, I never needed an alarm clock. I would wake up at 7 every morning and jump straight out of bed. However, over the last year, my "morning game" has dropped. Taking a gap year was excellent while I was working and travelling. But over the 12 months there were weeks where I didn't have much planned, or where my shifts were in the afternoon, or that I was staying up late repeatedly. This all lead to my beautiful body clock to not be so fantastic anymore.

Being a morning person is the foundation of being productive and I believe also a necessity to being a fully functional 'adult' (whatever that definition may be). Being a morning person doesn't mean going for a run at 6am, it also doesn't mean having to go to bed by 9pm every night. It simply means feeling awake and rejuvenated after waking up.

So, to all those who want to be morning people, here are my tips for being a morning person:

1. Go to sleep at a reasonable time

This is pretty self explanatory. Sleep early, rise early. Now, I don't go to bed at an unrealistic time, but this is also dependent on how well you sleep. When I sleep, I sleep like a log. I don't go to bed after midnight unless its on an occasion when I am going out. I know, it's hard not getting sucked into netflix, or the endless youtube videos, but when you start feeling tired, GO TO SLEEP!


2. Switch off

I know people have said this since the dawn of sleep issues when technology is present. But sitting on your phone or laptop and telling yourself "when I get tired I'll go to sleep" isn't helping you. While you've got a screen in front of you, stimulating your brain, you're not going to feel sleepy. Most phones and laptops now have applications to dim out the blue light from your phone, now that is effective to a certain point. But it's not just the light that stimulates your brain, it's expecting that next message, or commenting on that next photo that's keeping you up.

So before you go to bed, turn your phone upside down, put it on the other side of the room, and try to sleep.

3. Set that alarm clock

You can't expect your body clock to work as soon as you have an early night. If you hate that dreaded sound of your phone in the morning telling you to get your butt out of bed, change the alarm to something soothing. Choose a song that eases into it. Also, turn off the snooze button.


4. Look forward to something

I know it can be difficult to always have something on or have something to look forward to everyday. But if you're reading this post, it surely means you're wanting to change something in your life. You're wanting to wake up early so you can be more productive, or happier, or healthier. Having something positive in everyday that makes you excited is at the core of all of those things.It doesn't mean it's a big thing, a party or sky diving. It's as simple as your favourite flavour of tea, or a phone routine phone call to your grandma, a morning bath, seeing your dog in the morning or seeing the sun when you open your blinds.

Choose something that every morning you rejoice and embrace. And every morning, really absorb that feeling, and make it the first thing you do to get you out of bed.

5. Stick to it

Maybe you went on a night out? Maybe you pulled an all nighter to get your assignment done? Is your body clock completely out of whack now? No it's not. Take a day or a couple of days to recover and get back to it. If you want to feel alive and rejuvenated every morning, you're going to have to stick to your plan.

Now, go get some sleep.