So, I wrote this a little while ago. I am well aware that we’re a day off of February but I still wanted to share this post with a couple of little goals for the coming year.

2019. The year I create more.


Realistically, it’s going to be a rough year. My last year of uni, still working part time, and now I have a lot of ambition to do more things.

I want to give myself more opportuntities, more reasons to create more. And less excuses to put it off. I want to try and put more effort into my photography and videography business, because after all that’s what I want to be pursuing.


I’m going to do more photos, more blogs, more videos, more scrapbooking. And amongst it all, hopefully more travelling.

Here comes #photoaday on Instagram.I’m also attempting to do a 1 second a day video for 2019. I just bought myself a g7x ii so that I don’t have an excuse for not wanting to lug around my big camera. 


In a few days I’ll be heading off to Sydney and Cairns for a little getaway and a greatly deserved break. More to follow but I’ll be getting my diving certificate (another thing to check off the bucket list!).

Now, let’s see where all this takes me!